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Sliding Door & Window Systems

Sliding Door and Window Systems: Comfort and Aesthetics Merge

Sliding door systems are a model that is widely preferred today. Doors and windows slide to the right and left easily thanks to these sliding systems. Without a doubt, these create a modern image and are quite preferable for houses that do not have much space. A sliding window is the best choice for a small house because there is not a lot of space, and other types of glass make the space smaller when opened. Moreover, when PVC windows slide, the house receives much more sunlight as there is no frame in the middle, limiting the light.  

In addition, the house looks quite modern and stylish. It has various patterns, so customers can also find the most suitable ADOPEN PVC sliding systems for their homes. Moreover, a plastic sliding door for bathroom is a model that customers are looking to buy thanks to its usefulness and space-saving. These products are easy to maintain as their material resists dirt accumulation. Wiping them once a month with a cloth and soapy water will keep them in a smooth condition for many years.

Sliding Door & Window Systems

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Recently, sliding balcony door types have been produced for balconies in houses, and many customers prefer these doors. The biggest reason for these demands is that the houses are small and customers are trying to have airy space. There are various models of this PVC sliding door, and that is why the demand for these doors is increasing more and more.  

All the balcony doors generally have long glasses to see the view from the outside. ADOPEN’S traditional designs consist of double panels and are mostly used as sliding systems. There are also other systems, and one of them is the door, which has multiple glass panes. Although this sliding door system does not offer a full view, it creates a very pleasant atmosphere at home. 

In addition to colours, patterns, and types of plastic sliding door, it also changes and embellishes the atmosphere of houses with door and window shutters. These shutters are also the most effective method that can be used when sunlight is undesirable inside the house. These shutters will allow them to comfortably spend time at home without any disturbance from the sunlight for people who are sensitive to sunlight.

The price of PVC sliding doors can vary depending on the model. Simpler models tend to be cheaper, while more advanced models come at higher prices. Since these doors are of high quality, it’s natural for them to be priced higher. Companies make significant investments to produce high-quality products; without these investments, achieving high quality would be difficult. The price of products is directly related to their quality. However, the cost of sliding doors is justified because PVC profiles last for many years without needing replacement. Similarly, the price of PVC folding doors is justified because their folding feature saves space and adds a modern touch to homes.


When considering their thermal and sound insulation properties, as well as the convenience of sliding, the price becomes reasonable. Additionally, the insulation provided by these windows contributes to household savings in the long run, making them more affordable compared to other types of windows.

Customers may not want to buy these doors for some reasons, but sliding door suppliers try to produce quality products in order to avoid anything against their customers. This may be due to the fact that today’s houses are small and need sliding doors. ADOPEN also produces doors taking into account the customer’s wishes, so the purchase rate is also high since the requested ones are considered.

ADOPEN, Sliding glass door manufacturer, has to make large investments to obtain quality products, and they get the reward of these investments with the increase in demand. The demand for the high-quality doors and windows they produce is so significant that people from abroad often request to purchase them, resulting in a substantial volume of exports.

Additionally, customers might have concerns about the durability of sliding doors, especially regarding the plastic sliding door track, which is often perceived as prone to quick deterioration. However, ADOPENensure high-quality production, alleviating customers’ worries and allowing them to use the sliding doors without concerns about deterioration.