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Nowadays, we often hear about PVC in household products such as doors and windows. But do we know what PVC really is? To explain, PVC is a synthetic polymer that is obtained by polymerizing vinyl chloride. It is a white colour material in its pure state. It is true to say that PVC is one of the most used plastic materials all around the world because it is highly resistant to plastic materials. Therefore,  thermal insulation for windows and doors is mostly provided by PVC profiles. There are also complexly shaped steel frames inside these profiles. 

There should be a high level of investment and quality equipment to produce PVC profiles, which is why they are produced by globally renowned brands. PVC joinery is the term used to describe all use panels, including doors, middle registers, and sash. Lately, people who are changing their house’s sliding doors & windows prefer PVC joinery.

Everyone who is dealing with the materials of the products might be curious about what the best PVC is. Especially when people choose doors and windows for their houses, they want to prefer products of high quality because these kinds of products cannot be changed very often. One of the most preferred ones is PVC door systems which use high quality PVC to produce them. These have unique qualities, such as outstanding durability, weather resistance, chemical and fire resistance. They can be in first place among the customer’s preferences thanks to these features because they ensure the long life of the products. 

Another reason why this is one of the most preferred materials is because it has a long service life and is cost-effective. Besides, this highest quality plastic can be considered as eco-friendly because it can be recycled entirely to be used to create new goods. Therefore, we can say that this high quality PVC is beneficial to both customers and the environment. If people want to buy products that have a long lifespan because of their features, they should consider products that are produced with high quality plastic.

PVC profiles are produced by well-known companies, which are the largest PVC manufacturers all around the world, because these require high investment and expensive equipment. 

It is true to say that Türkiye is one of the most essential countries in this material production, and ADOPEN is one of the top PVC manufacturers. As a matter of fact, Türkiye is among the countries that export PVC profile to the world. Turkish businesses use modern technology to manufacture PVC profiles, ensuring adherence to global regulations. They produce plastics profiles that are durable, heat-insulated and can adapt to various weather conditions. PVC profiles are important materials to people because they are also used in houses, such as in PVC window systems. Therefore, PVC profile producers, such as ADOPEN, care about people’s health and budget so that ADOPEN produces high quality products.