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Ado Roller Shutter Series

PVC Blinds And Shutters

190x190mm – 190x225mm Insulated – 225x225mm Insulated or Non-Insulated – 155x155mm measuring 4 different box sizes, with the desired wall thickness, desired width and height.

In 190x225mm and 225x225mm boxes, it is possible to apply heat insulated blinds.

The possibility of mounting without overflowing inside and outside of the wall allows for intervention in all kinds of rooms for lamella mounting and maintenance – renovation.

Roller shutter system that can adapt to all PVC Window Door series. Motorized, remote controlled and manual cord can be applied up and down.

37mm – 39mm – 42mm – 50mm – 55mm louvered lamella are available with side rails.

While Adopen blinds dazzle with its aesthetic structure, it conquers hearts by being economical. Buy Adopen blinds with its permanent structure that will last for many years, use for many years in confidence and peace.

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