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PVC Blinds And Shutters

Adopen Shutter with 40 mm profile width is one of the most useful products of the Adopen family. It combines both a nostalgic image and technology suitable for the conditions of the era with its wood-patterned application option.

It blends old and new with gold oak, dark oak, light oak, marsh oak, sand gray, gray, mahogany and cream color options.

It provides a comfortable use option by being easily mounted on window frame and wall. In addition to being used as a single wing and double wing as you wish, Adopen Shutter offers you a superior service with the application of a folding wing. While attracting the attention of everyone passing by with its aesthetic appearance, it is a candidate to be indispensable for your home with its quality that offers you the guarantee of its use for years.

Make your environment, your home and your life beautiful and livable with Adopen Shutter, which is also affordable for you.

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